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Congratulations to all Cross Country Runners !
Several of our young EDAC members recently competed at cross country school championships. We are proud of their participation a…
The EDAC Social Running Group is growing :)
Every Thursday evening and Sunday morning a keen group of runners (beginners, intermediate and advanced) meets to head out into …
New coaches join clube
Great article in the Northern District Times on EDAC's new coaches, Allan Sadul and Andrew Pirie. - Want to join the club or hav…
Oceania Masters Results
Congratulations to Ellena Cubban - great performances and many medals to bring home…
New EDAC Head Coach
Welcome to our new EDAC Head Coach Allan Sadul :)
NSW Club Championships
Good luck to EDAC members Naasson, Giri, Will, Ellena, Margaret and James - all the best for your runs, jumps, and throws !!
New coach !
EDAC has engaged a new athletics coach, who will commence in December 2017. More details to follow soon.
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— May 16, 2018

EDAC membership is increasing.

Welcome to all new EDAC members. It is good to see so many families signing up as well as individual athletes of all ages. And a big thank to all long-term members for promoting the club in the local area and to our dedicated coaches who provide...

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Routine Running
Build some races into your training programme and use them as tempo sessions.

A big part of the runner's discipline is to build a good running routine. The Park Run events are held around Australia every Saturday morning (usually beginning at 8am). These 5km races are a great if you want to include a tempo run in your weekly sessions. The atmosphere is very friendly at these runs and there should be at least a few other runners running at your pace. See the website for more information.

David Rudisha's Tactical Triumph
Usain Bolt has been gaining many headlines for his amazing performances in the Beijing World Athletics Championships. A little under the radar though, David Rudisha has come through with a remarkable performance in the final of the men's 800m.

After gaining the lead in the final, Rudisha ran a controlled first lap in 54 seconds (slow by his standards) before blasting the field from 550m. Len Johnson has written a terrific description of the race which can be found here. Len's reference to Elliot is significant. Elliot and Rudisha are certainly two of the greatest middle distance runners

Lacing up... interesting findings on running shoe selection
Since the publication of the book, "Born to Run" by Christopher McDougall, debate of the role of running shoes for athletes has raged. A recent study uncovers some interesting findings...

This article appeared recently in the New York Times. Consideration of which shoe is most comfortable appears to be an important factor in determing which shoe will reduce the chance of injury. The elephant in the room is the question of running without shoes. Barefoot running on sand or grass is certainly very comfortable. Of course, any transition to barefoot running should be done mindfully.

Fun Runs
We are in the midst of a Fun Run boom in Sydney. There is a massive range on offer!

The fun run season is upon us! Most weekends present at least one opportunity to go out and hit the pavement with hundreds or thousands of others. One of the big half marathons (The Sydney Morning Herald Half) has come and gone and the famous City to Surf at (2/3*21=) 14 kilometres is fast approaching. Participation in these big races is always memorable. On the downside, the cost of these races is becoming prohibitive and, if you are not careful, it can be hard to avoid getting tangled up with lots of other runners. Plenty of smaller fun runs serve as terrific antidotes to these blockbuster races.  They are often easily accessible with smaller crowds and costs. At most of these races, there will be a range of abilities meaning there will nearly always be someone to run alongside. A further advantage of these races is that they present a terrific way to explore new parts of Sydney/ NSW. Here is a collection of races to keep in mind:

Happy running!!